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  • Sylas Stansfield

Keeping A Healthy Lawn: Top 5 Fertilizers To Use This Summer

If you're like most homeowners, you want your lawn to be lush and green all summer long. Of course, achieving this takes a bit of work - namely, regular lawn care including fertilizing. But with so many different fertilizer options on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for your needs. In this blog post, we'll break down the basics of fertilizers and help you choose the right formula for your yard. Happy mowing!

Living in New York our grass deals with harsh winters. Luckily these cool season grasses know how to survive. But a little help never hurts. We recommend fertilizing your lawn at least twice in the spring and twice in the fall after aerating. These are the best times of the year to fertilize for optimal growth and too keep that green lush look all summer. Now lets get into it!

1) Scott's Turf Builder- UltraFeed

By utilizing Scotts Secure Nutrients, it helps release nutrients as the lawn needs it. Helping to feed the lawn 6 months longer. This is a long lasting and fast acting way to feed your yard. And with 3X longer potency than Turf Builder Lawn Food. You'll be able make sure even dry spells are filled quickly without having any worries about lack of nutrition

2) Scott's Turf Builder- Turf Builder Halts Crab Grass and Lawn Food

Get your lawn off to a great start this season with an early spring feeding! Use Scotts Turf Builder Halts Crab Grass Preventer and Lawn Food, which will keep it protected from crab grass all year long. Apply early in the spring in order to stop pesky weeds like chickweed before they get too out of hand on account of their invasive nature.

3) Vigoro- Crab Grass Preventer & Lawn Fertilizer

Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Fertilizer with ASSURANCE Particle Technology is guaranteed to prevent the development of crab grass for up 4-months. This new technology provides even feeding, meaning there's no burning or excessive watering needed! In just 72 hours you'll see results as your lawn lushly produces deep roots.

4) Lesco- Professional Turf Fertilizer (24-0-11)

The high potassium content of this fertilizer will improve drought tolerance and resistance as well as heat or disease symptoms. The slow release formula ensures that it takes up to 12 weeks for the nutrients in LESCO's Fertilizers soften your lawn, not just when you first apply them!

5) Scott's Turf Builder- Triple Action

This 3-in-1 formula is a powerful weapon against weeds, killing broadleaf plants including dandelions and clover. It also prevents crabgrass for up to 4 months.

There is our top 5 lawn fertilizers to use this spring and fall for cool season grasses like what we have here in New York. These cool seasons grasses typically are most active from early fall to spring time so be sure to give us a call right away to give your lawn all the attention it deserves this spring!

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